Premium Rush Pushed Back to August

Premium Rush, the bike messenger-centric action thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (his current hit 50/50 is still in theaters) and Michael Shannon (Machine Gun Preacher, “Boardwalk Empire” and Take Shelter this fall) that was slated to be released on January 13, 2012, has been pushed back to August 24. To be fair, it does seem like a flick better suited to summer than the dead of winter, but I’m still pretty disappointed. Now the film will be out a month after The Dark Knight Rises (the third Batman film by Christopher Nolan), which opens on July 20. In addition, Gordon-Levitt will also have Looper (Rian Johnson, who also wrote and directed Brick) coming out on September 28, 2012 and in December 2012 we’ll see him in Lincoln, directed by Steven Spielberg and boasting an all-star cast besides JGL:

Hope all that’s enough to remind you of some of these actors and to get you excited for movies in 2012!


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