My Latest Movie Theater Experience

I saw The Woman in Black yesterday at the Regal E-Walk theater at Times Square. The movie itself was pretty good (yay, another role for the awesome Ciarán Hinds!), but the audience was one of the worst I have ever witnessed. I sat in the second-to-last row without anyone tall in front of me, so my line of vision was unimpeded; in the the last row, however, was a couple with a baby who was constantly crying or coughing. Not only that, the parents were talking throughout the entire film. A girl sitting near them tried to tell them to please be quiet, but that didn’t really do anything except make the baby’s mother a little more active in her shushing the baby. I felt bad for the baby, since it wasn’t his or her fault that the parents chose to go to a movie theater.

But seriously… did the parents also have to talk the entire time?

Then there were the two women sitting in front of me who were always either loudly whispering or texting. This is why I don’t text people very often. It’s pretty clearly an addiction. If that woman paid $14 to see the movie, she should have spent her time seeing the movie, not interfering with other people’s experiences. How necessary was it for her to send all those texts? Couldn’t she have done that later? Or, if it was such a crucial task, anywhere other than in a movie theater? Do people actually think that no one else can see the phones or the glaring light, or do they just not care?

Oh, and I can’t let the rest of the audience off the hook. There were lots of noisy children there (note to everyone: just because a movie stars Daniel Radcliffe, that doesn’t make it kiddie material!). My favorite part was one when family very loudly complained about one kid needing to use the bathroom during the movie. Did that mini-argument really have to happen? Also, during the last shot of the film, an audience member shouted at the screen (I can’t say what since it would be a spoiler); naturally, the phrase made a bunch of other immature people laugh raucously.

Maybe I’m being curmudgeonly, but I wish people would act decently in movie theaters. I don’t think I’m asking too much. A little etiquette and decorum would go a long way.

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