Upcoming Movies! (Spring/Summer 2012)

There are a number of movies coming out in the next few months (April through August) which I would be interesting in seeing. Here are ten to keep an eye out for:

  1. Lockout (April 13) – Guy Pearce is a better actor than most of the roles he gets. This movie, however, will give him a nice moment of “leading man” status here in the US, which I don’t think he’s really had since 2002.
  2. The Avengers (May 4) – Admittedly, I still have not seen either of the Hulk movies, Iron Man 2 or Captain America, but my knowledge/general enjoyment of Iron Man and Thor feels sufficient to explain my excitement. I don’t think you can go wrong with Loki as a villain.
  3. Moonrise Kingdom (May 25) – True, I have not seen any Wes Anderson films. I do like Bruce Willis, Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman, though. Also, the title is awesome, even if it does sound like a mediocre video game.
  4. Prometheus (June 8) – I suppose this is my impetus for finally seeing the Alien franchise… and it’s another Guy Pearce movie. I am keenly aware of where my interests lie.
  5. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (June 22) – All the components are there: Great title; written and directed by a woman (I always find that compelling, since I plan on doing and being that too); the excellent combination of Keira Knightley, Steve Carell, Patton Oswalt and Rob Huebel, among others.
  6. To Rome with Love (June 22) – My love for Midnight in Paris fuels my interest in seeing what its follow-up can do. It’s not like Woody Allen has anything to prove (not to me, anyway); it’s just that I’m curious as to what his next cinematic move is.
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man (July 3) – I’ve never been particularly inspired by Spider-Man, but I figure I should be a part of the phenomenon…
  8. The Dark Knight Rises (July 20) – …even though it’s going to be a Batman Summer.
  9. Premium Rush (August 24) – I’m bothered by the fact that this movie was pushed back from a January 2012 release date until August, but so long as it comes out, I’m happy. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon: two actors who always entertain.
  10. The Wettest County (August 31) – Another movie whose release date was pushed WAY back. I’m a fan of most of the film’s leading men and ladies, although I’m not yet convinced as to whether Shia LaBeouf can actually act.

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