Men in Black 3: Actually Not Too Bad

I saw Men in Black 3 in a preview at the Museum of the Moving Image. The amazing makeup artist, Rick Baker, was on hand to do a Q&A afterward. The movie itself was really not too shabby, even though the screenplay is kind of nonexistent. Josh Brolin, whom I quite adore, is letter-perfect as the young version of Tommy Lee Jones. Jones himself, however, looks terrible in the movie. (“Embalmed,” as my aunt put it.) But Jones is always basically a good actor, so I didn’t mind his face too much. Meanwhile, Will Smith is as Will Smith-y as ever, funny and game for any crazy bit of action. His first “time jump” sequence is superb. And Michael Stuhlbarg and Michael Chernus have nice supporting roles.

Negative point to make: I wish that Jemaine Clement – hint hint, I’m a big fan of Flight of the Conchords – had been a greater presence in the movie. He doesn’t get enough chances to be funny or really to do anything at all with his character. He barely has any backstory.

But again: the 3D is pretty good and the movie is a fun time. Given how superhero movies have taken over the action/adventure/fantasy genre in the last decade, it’s nice (and a little nostalgic) to go back to the simplicity of Men in Black and humans vs. aliens.

So, anyway, do go see the movie this weekend. You’ll have a lot of fun!


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