RIP Nora Ephron

Acclaimed writer-director Nora Ephron passed away tonight at age 71 from leukemia. Ephron wrote/co-wrote and directed the films This Is My Life (1992), Sleepless in Seattle (1993), Mixed Nuts (1994), Michael (1996), You’ve Got Mail (1998), Bewitched (2005) and Julie & Julia (2009).

Ephron also directed (but didn’t write) Lucky Numbers (2000) and wrote/co-wrote the screenplays for Silkwood (1983), Heartburn (1986), Cookie (1989), When Harry Met Sally… (1989), My Blue Heaven (1990) and Hanging Up (2000).

Ms. Ephron’s passing leaves the world with one less female director. The one film of hers which I have seen, Sleepless in Seattle, is a sweet, enjoyable watch. Here’s the trailer:


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