Prometheus: Is It Good or Is It Bad?

I saw Prometheus in 3D last night. I would love to know, from anyone else who has seen the film (in whichever version – 2D versus 3D isn’t really relevant): did you think Prometheus was a good film?

I ask because the screenplay didn’t seem particularly good to me. I would also have to say that I had no emotional connection to the characters, although Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are good actors and they tried their darnedest with the material they were given.

I have to admit that I didn’t think the movie was scary. Most of what happened was typical sci-fi horror stuff. The woman sitting behind me in the theater was seriously freaked out by the C-section scene (shrieking and chair-kicking included), but I didn’t bat an eyelash. Am I just flaunting my iron stomach here, or was the woman overreacting? I mean, I feel like I’ve seen more gore on episodes of “House.”

Do tell me what you thought of the movie – I’ll certainly respond and before long I’ll write a proper review.

P.S. A friend of my mother’s sums up Prometheus as such: “Narratively messy, characters acting in ways that make no sense, story-line thrown out the window. I saw it about two weeks ago and I’ve already forgotten most of it.”


2 thoughts on “Prometheus: Is It Good or Is It Bad?

  1. I pretty much agree with everything you said about it. I found it not particularly entertaining and exceedingly frustrating. You’re spot on about the script, and I thought the performances ranged from the quite good, to some pretty poor ones. A few more thoughts down the bottom of this: I also posted a rather lengthy rant on the film written by my friend on my site recently too.

    • I felt Prometheus was entertaining, but only because I hadn’t seen it before. Now that I’ve seen it, a second viewing would probably leave me bored.

      The only performance that truly impressed me was by Michael Fassbender; Noomi Rapace was merely so-so until her do-it-yourself C-section scene, which I silently commended her character for living through. (Who else could jump right out of the machine after that kind of procedure – with basically no anesthesia too – and just run right back into the fray? That’s one seriously strong woman.) The poorest performance was probably by Logan Marshall-Green, who I usually refer to as “the Tom Hardy lookalike.” I honestly could not stand him and didn’t particularly care what happened to him, though the same could be said about most of the other characters… I suppose I’ll have to write more about all that in an in-depth review!

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