One More Thing Before I Go on Vacation

This is the Strand Theater in Schroon Lake, the upstate New York town I’ll be going to tomorrow. As you might be able to tell from this cell phone photo (which I took last August), the movie showing that week was Horrible Bosses. (Yes, it was indeed horrible, even though Charlie Day and Kevin Spacey were kind of worth it.)

Don’t you just love that giant tree shadow? I think I took the photo at about 7:00 or 7:30 pm. I love the Adirondacks and all those gigantic trees lining the streets.

The movie showing at the Strand this week is Magic Mike, which I’d like to see, even though my parents don’t want to go and my aunt already saw it. I may have to rope my aunt into going with me, though, since a) I would rather not go into town by myself and b) in most cases, going to movies with other people is better than if you go by yourself. (Lonely moviegoing is the worst.) Also, Magic Mike just seems like one of those movies where you would rather crawl under the seats than watch it with your parents. I’m pretty sure Magic Mike is an anti-parent-and-child experience.

So – anyway – I’m looking forward to the vacation and seeing both the wondrous beauty of nature and a few good movies!


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