Guest Review: My Mom Reviews Les Misérables

My mother and my aunt went to see Les Misérables and here is Mom’s concise review:

“Except for the first 10 minutes or so which are brilliant, absolutely riveting … the film is a long, boring slog through sewage, filth and blood with everyone in sight croaking that awful hackneyed music & insipid lyrics. Also, cannot get over the hi-def look that makes it look like a video game, especially the overused zooming in & out from great heights. I know the musical has a huge fan base and whatever film version there is of it will be welcomed ecstatically. Include me out, as Sam Goldwyn once said.”


2 thoughts on “Guest Review: My Mom Reviews Les Misérables

    • To be honest, I ended up really liking it. No, it’s not the greatest movie ever made, but it’s pretty entertaining and you could do worse than watching Russell Crowe sing. (I actually liked his performance; I seem to be in the minority there.) I’m just annoyed that Anne Hathaway’s overacted Fantine is probably going to win an Oscar over some other more deserving supporting actress performances (Sally Field, Judi Dench, Les Miz’s Samantha Barks).

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