Oscar-Nominated Original Scores (Part 2): Life of Pi

Mychael Danna’s music for the gorgeously crafted Ang Lee film Life of Pi is filled with richly layered sounds, including the inspiration of India which can be heard throughout. The music is part of what made Life of Pi one of my top 5 favorite films of 2012.

“Piscine Molitor Patel/Sous le Ciel de Paris” – if you have seen the film, then you will recall the lovely scene in which Mamaji swims in the Piscine Molitor.

“Tsimtsum” – named for the ship that sinks, this piece of music is one of the moving selections from the score.

“Tiger Vision” – it wonderfully suits the power and elegance of the tiger Richard Parker.

“I’m Ready now” – this scene, the moment when Pi feels he and Richard Parker can no longer hold on, has a hauntingly mystical quality.

“Which Story do you Prefer?” – this final track sums up the beauty of the film.

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