Underrated Gem: In Another Country

Last year’s film In Another Country, directed by Sang-soo Hong and starring Isabelle Huppert, went unnoticed by many and underrated by most. New York Times reviewer A.O. Scott was sort of favorable, saying that the film is “at once a comedy of manners and an oblique commentary on the power of cinema to expose and alter reality.” Most other reviews I have read, however, seem to be from people who were bored or just didn’t get the movie. It’s not particularly complicated; it’s a series of vignettes, little slices of life that show different iterations of lives lived both alone and with others.

(My favorite shot in the film.)

Seeing the film earlier tonight with one of my good friends at the Museum of the Moving Image was a really enjoyable experience. Although the museum theater wasn’t too crowded, the audience who was there liked the movie, taking note of how charming and funny it is. Huppert is perhaps more engaging here than in anything else I’ve seen her in, playing three different roles in variations on a theme: French women tourists staying in the same house in South Korea.

Maybe the difference was the feeling of being surrounded by other people who were laughing and enjoying the film; maybe it was just the feeling of going to a movie at 7:00 pm on Friday night and relaxing after a long school day. Whatever the case, I really liked In Another Country and it has made me more of a fan of Isabelle Huppert than I was before.

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