The Week in Warfare

In a moment of reporting current events: I’m sure that many people throughout the US – and perhaps throughout the world – heard of the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday. Last night there was breaking news regarding a shooting at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), in which a security guard was shot and killed. This development turned out to be connected to the Boston Marathon attack, as the reported suspects were on the run and were armed. Although one of the men was killed during the chase, the other remains at large. Many of my friends in the Boston area, or at other colleges like Brandeis University, have posted Facebook statuses to update everyone on what’s happening. Apparently school today has been canceled for any colleges in that area.

It’s been a pretty grim week. I would say that I hope for the next movie I plan on watching to take my mind off of the world’s ever-increasing devolution, but that movie will probably be Broadcast News, so it will probably end up heightening my awareness of how awful the world can be sometimes. Maybe I should just watch a Harold Lloyd movie and enjoy some old-fashioned but sweet entertainment.


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