Heart of Sharkness

I hate to interrupt my series of posts on cinematography, but I have to tell you that last night I watched the last hour of the SyFy TV movie Sharknado.

And it was great.

You can’t really lose with a premise like this: “Tornadoes suck sharks out of the Pacific Ocean before unleashing them over Los Angeles, terrorizing the city.” It’s definitely one of those experiences that’s so hilariously ridiculous that it’s awesome.

You also get to see John Heard beat up on a shark.

He’s obviously trying really hard for a second Emmy nomination (the first being for “The Sopranos”).

You can’t possibly go wrong with a film whose dialogue sounds like this: “We can’t just stand here and wait for sharks to rain down on us again,” “The sharks took my grandfather…” and my personal favorite, when senior citizens are looking out of a window at the sharks flying toward them: “Come on, everybody, let’s get away from the window.”

(Yes, that’s how the film actually ends.)

It’s definitely the Citizen Kane of shark tornado movies.


2 thoughts on “Heart of Sharkness

  1. This looks like a lot of fun. But I just don’t understand how it sort of became a huge thing. People all over my twitter were talking about it, even non-film people.

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