Remembering Bernadette Lafont

Bernadette Lafont (1938-2013) has been called “the face of the French New Wave.” She worked with such notable directors as François Truffaut (Les Mistons, The Army Game, A Gorgeous Girl Like Me), Claude Chabrol (Le Beau Serge, À Double Tour, Les Bonnes Femmes, Violette, Inspecteur Lavardin, Masques), Edouard Molinaro (Male Hunt), Costa-Gavras (The Sleeping Car Murders), Louis Malle (The Thief of Paris), Philippe Garrel (Le Révélateur), Nadine Trintignant (Crime Thief), Jacques Rivette (Out 1, Out 1: Spectre), Jean Eustache (The Mother and the Whore), Claude Miller (L’Effrontée), Raoul Ruiz (Genealogies of a Crime), Zoe R. Cassavetes (Broken English) and Julie Delpy (Skylab).

I really enjoyed seeing Lafont in Truffaut’s short film Les Mistons (1957) earlier this year in a screenwriting class. The film begins with an image of her riding her bicycle down a French country road. Watch this sweet but sad little film if you want a great introduction to Truffaut and to Bernadette Lafont.

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