The Cycle Savages: A Dozen Reasons to Watch

Bill Brame’s The Cycle Savages (1969) is a trash masterpiece. If you love movies about motorcycles and the wild men who rode them in the late 60s and/or movies with dialogue worse than that of most Razzie winners, then dig in.

1. First and foremost: an endless number of shots of bikers zooming down highways and swiftly turning corners (radical, man!). Kudos for the coolness, bearded Bruce Dern.

2. The best insults (and retaliatory beatdown by the victim) possible.

3. A biker leader who has adorable pet names for his cronies.

4. Totally random but clearly necessary scene where the leader takes a shower in front of his friends.

5. What’s a little nude modeling between friends? (It’s an unpaid gig, natch.)

6. The “hero” of the story angers the biker leader by drawing creepy fan art of the biker and his lady friend during intimate moments. (OK, so the irritation is sort of justified.)

7. The biker gang partakes in critical analysis of said artwork.

8. Explaining the proper method of dropping acid.

9. The only way to stop the artist (the obvious choice).

10. Perfunctory terrible love scene between the bland hero (the artist) and the equally bland heroine.

11. The polite way to obtain drugs from your pal.

12. This guy. Wisdom-dispensing bartender alert!

Tell me you’re not intrigued. The Cycle Savages is available on Netflix Instant and YouTube, so have fun with that. It might actually be worth 82 minutes of your time.


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