In Memoriam 2013

This is a post in remembrance of 25 denizens of the film/television community who passed away in 2013. The entertainment world shines a little less bright without them.

Marta (or Martha) Eggerth (b. 1912) – Opera/Operetta Singer & Actress: Unfinished Symphony; The Court Concert; The Charm of La Boheme; For Me and My Gal; Presenting Lily Mars

Gilbert Taylor (left) (b. 1914) – Cinematographer: Dr. Strangelove; A Hard Day’s Night; Repulsion; The Omen; Star Wars

Joan Fontaine (b. 1917) – Actress: A Damsel in Distress; Rebecca; Suspicion; Jane Eyre; Letter from an Unknown Woman

Patty Andrews (center) (b. 1918) – Singer (The Andrews Sisters) & Actress: Argentine Nights; Buck Privates; What’s Cookin’?; Private Buckaroo; Follow the Boys

Kumar Pallana (b. 1918) – Actor: Bottle Rocket; Rushmore; The Royal Tenenbaums; The Terminal; Another Earth

Ray Harryhausen (b. 1920) – Special Effects Creator: 20 Million Miles to Earth; The 7th Voyage of Sinbad; The 3 Worlds of Gulliver; Jason and the Argonauts; Clash of the Titans

Deanna Durbin (b. 1921) – Singer & Actress: Three Smart Girls; 100 Men and a Girl; First Love; It Started with Eve; Christmas Holiday

Esther Williams (b. 1921) – Swimmer & Actress: Bathing Beauty; Take Me Out to the Ball Game; Neptune’s Daughter; Million Dollar Mermaid; Easy to Love

Eleanor Parker (b. 1922) – Actress: Caged; Detective Story; Scaramouche; The Man with the Golden Arm; The Sound of Music

Margaret Pellegrini (b. 1923) – Actress: The Wizard of Oz; Johnny Got His Gun

Julie Harris (b. 1925) – Actress: The Member of the Wedding; East of Eden; I Am a Camera; Requiem for a Heavyweight; The Haunting

Jonathan Winters (b. 1925) – Comedian & Author & Painter & Actor: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World; The Loved One; The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming; Moon Over Parador; The Shadow

Bryan Forbes (b. 1926) – Actor (The League of Gentlemen, The Guns of Navarone) & Director (Whistle Down the Wind; The L-Shaped Room; Séance on a Wet Afternoon; The Whisperers; The Stepford Wives)

Wojciech Kilar (b. 1932) – Composer: Promised Land; Bram Stoker’s Dracula; Death and the Maiden; The Ninth Gate; The Pianist

Peter O’Toole (b. 1932) – Actor: Lawrence of Arabia; Becket; How to Steal a Million; The Lion in Winter; My Favorite Year

Helen Hanft (b. 1934) – Actress: Next Stop, Greenwich Village; Arthur; Moonstruck; License to Drive; The Butcher’s Wife

Karen Black (b. 1939) – Actress: Five Easy Pieces; Drive, He Said; The Great Gatsby; The Day of the Locust; Nashville

Otto Sander (b. 1941) – Actor: The Marquise of O; The Tin Drum; Das Boot; Wings of Desire; Faraway, So Close!

Roger Ebert (b. 1942) – Film Critic/Author & TV Host (“At the Movies”) & Screenwriter (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls; Up!; Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens)

Marcia Wallace (b. 1942) – Actress/Voice Artist: “The Bob Newhart Show”; Teen Witch; “The Simpsons”; “Full House”; “The Young and the Restless”

Dennis Farina (b. 1944) – Actor: “Crime Story”; Get Shorty; Out of Sight; “Law & Order”; “Luck”

Richard Griffiths (b. 1947) – Actor: Withnail & I; “Pie in the Sky”; Harry Potter film series; The History Boys; Hugo

Antonia Bird (b. 1951) – Director: “Inspector Morse”; Priest; Mad Love; Face; Ravenous

James Gandolfini (b. 1961) – Actor: True Romance; Get Shorty; “The Sopranos”; In the Loop; Enough Said

Christopher Evan Welch (b. 1965) – Actor: The Hoax; Synecdoche, New York; Whatever Works; “Rubicon”; The Master

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