New Personal Project for 2014: Filmmaker Firsts

I have decided that my new goal for 2014 is to see films by directors whose work I have not previously experienced. There are so many cinematic worlds I have yet to discover and I’m excited to dive into them.

Unique artists such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Satyajit Ray, John Cassavetes (pictured), Clint Eastwood, Claude Chabrol, Werner Herzog, John Waters, Oliver Stone, Spike Lee, Todd Solondz, Quentin Tarantino and François Ozon are but a dozen of the auteurs whose oeuvres I have yet to sit through.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten the women, either; Leni Riefenstahl, Lee Grant, Lina Wertmüller, Penelope Spheeris (pictured with Mike Myers on the set of Wayne’s World in 1991), Ann Hui, Claire Denis, Agnieszka Holland, Sally Potter, Nancy Meyers, Mira Nair, Isabel Coixet and Susanne Bier are a dozen more directors, to name only a few of the ladies with whom I am not yet familiar.

Each time I watch a film by one of these directors (or by someone else who is new to me), I will write a blog post under the “Filmmaker Firsts” heading. I can’t wait to officially start!


6 thoughts on “New Personal Project for 2014: Filmmaker Firsts

    • It is! And there are so many other directors whose work I’ve missed out on. I could have mentioned George Lucas (not even any Stars Wars movies!), Catherine Breillat, Pedro Almodovar, Chantal Akerman, Lars von Trier, Hal Hartley, Darren Aronofsky, Kevin Smith, M. Night Shyamalan, David Gordon Green… and the list goes on. I guess it makes sense, given how much more time I have spent watching semi-obscure films of the 1930s and 40s.

      • Shall I suggest some of my favourites from some of the directors you have listed or will that just make things even harder for you?

      • Ok, some suggestions (there are a few on your list who I have missed completely too): Antonioni – The Passenger, which I prefer to the more famous Blow-up and La Avventura. Cassavetes – Shadows (incredible film, also the only of his I’ve seen). Eastwood – plenty of old classics, but some of his newer films are interesting including J. Edgar, Changeling and Hereafter (most people hate the latter, I love it though). Herzog – Pretty much anything. He is a legend in my eyes. Try one of his docos if you want something different. Lessons of Darkness is like nothing else I have ever seen. Not sure how widely available it is though.

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