Seven Days in Noirvember #2: On Dangerous Ground

(This seven-part series focusing on film noir during what’s known as “Noirvember” will consist of 100-word pieces intended to be as punchy as any good noir screenplay.)

On Dangerous Ground (1951) – Directed by Nicholas Ray

A cynical NYC cop prone to roughing up his suspects (Robert Ryan, never better) goes to the countryside to track down a perpetrator, falling in love along the way with the wanted man’s blind sister (Ida Lupino, who also sat in the director’s chair, uncredited). Ryan didn’t often get a chance to play romantic leads, but this drama gave him a wonderful showcase as his character slowly warms to Lupino and relearns gentle kindness. Making the atmosphere even more beautiful is Bernard Herrmann’s score, in which you can hear themes that reappear in Hitchcock’s Vertigo, North by Northwest and Psycho.


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