RIP Kathrine Windfeld

Kathrine Windfeld, a Danish writer-director in film and television since the mid-1990s, has passed away from a brain tumor at age 48. Her two directorial credits for feature films are The Escape (2009), a thriller starring Iben Hjejle and Lars Mikkelsen, and Hamilton: In the Interest of the Nation (2012), a James Bond-type spy adventure starring Mikael Persbrandt, Pernilla August, Jason Flemyng and David Dencik. A short film by Windfeld, Little Man (2002), won a Jury Award at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. She also directed episodes of the popular Scandinavian TV series “Wallander” (2010), “The Killing” (2012), “Rita” (2013) and “The Bridge” (2013), as well as the miniseries “The Crown Princess” (2006). The latest show that Windfeld directed for, “The Team,” starring Lars Mikkelsen, is set to debut on February 22.


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