Update: Wonder Woman’s New Director

Just days after the departure of director Michelle MacLaren from Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman film, the studio has chosen her replacement: Patty Jenkins, the director of the Oscar-winning biopic Monster (2003). A few years ago Jenkins had been attached to direct Thor: The Dark World (2013) before being replaced by Alan Taylor. This new development in the Wonder Woman production saga means that Jenkins is once more in the position of being the first woman to direct a Marvel superhero film. Exciting news!


2 thoughts on “Update: Wonder Woman’s New Director

    • It’s too bad that we had to wait until Wonder Woman to have a woman director for a Marvel film (instead of, say, Thor or Iron Man or anything else not specifically woman-related) but this still feels like an important step forward. And I’m hoping that the fact that Monster had an Oscar-winning performance in it means something good about Jenkins’ ability to get impressive work out of her Wonder Woman actors too.

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