One Last Look

Earlier today I was walking down 7th Ave in Manhattan and so, since I was in the area, I walked over to 53rd St. and 8th Ave to take one last look (to quote the title of Tom Waits’ recent elegy written for David Letterman) at the old Late Show marquee at the Ed Sullivan Theater, which will be dismantled sometime this week.

After walking around under the marquee for a bit, I crossed 8th Ave back over to 7th Ave, took my final look back to take the fourth photo above, then I kept on going on my way home. I regret never going to any Late Show tapings, but I guess I can’t dwell on that for too long. I’ll just have to make up for it by setting aside time to attend an episode of the new show with Stephen Colbert. The landscape of late night TV has been turned upside down this year, but let’s try to look on the bright side: a new era is beginning. I really ought to make the most of how fortunate I am to live in New York.


2 thoughts on “One Last Look

    • Thanks for commenting! I guess I always took the Late Show for granted, even though it has always been a part of my late-night talk show schedule. I’m going to make time for at least one taping of Colbert’s show, though!

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