Food for Cinema Thought: Supply and Demand?

I have noticed that lately movie theaters are doing something that, as far as I know, has not been done before: films that were particularly successful in IMAX earlier in the year are brought back by popular demand. I’m not talking about films from years ago, like when Jurassic Park was revived for a twentieth-anniversary-celebration run on IMAX screens; I mean new movies, like Jurassic World and Mad Max: Fury Road, the latter having returned this week, September 11 through September 17. While this is exciting for moviegoers who missed the first-run titles when they were out earlier in the summer (like me – I didn’t get a chance to see Mad Max), I wonder what it means for the industry. Should movies from 2015 be put back in theaters after they have already run their course? Obviously the idea is for these juggernauts to make even more money than they already did the first time around, but does this model take tickets away from movies that are only just being released now? Couldn’t an IMAX re-release adversely affect box office results by potentially taking viewers away from brand-new movies? Some food for (cinema) thought.


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